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Peace talks gatherings held in Northeast zone

On August 16, a gathering regarding peace talk was held in the conference hall of Kunduz province in the North East zone by the cooperation of Knduz, Baghlan, Takhar, Badakhshan provinces and ACW organization. The aim of the session was cooperation and harmony between the IRoA and Afghan nation for the implementation of the Peace process.

More than 200 people including chairmen of Baghlan, Takhar, Kunduz and Badakhshan peace committees and a number of women and activists of civil societies were among the participants. The ceremony is opened by the recitation of Holy Quran, then the chairman of Takhar provincial peace committee Qadir Afghan, Chairman and member of Kunduz women affairs department Nadira Gayea, Atashpoor a member of Badkhshan influential, and wahidullah Rahmani a representatives of Kunduz peace committee talked about the role of IRoA and People for the maintenance of peace and security all over the country.

The second part of the session was dedicated to the participants question related to the peace and security issues. The participant’s questions were answered by the provincial peace committee and security official representatives.

The ceremony is ended up with the evaluation of the session activities by the kunduz governor.