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Afghan women’s campaign for Ceasefire and Peace in Herat

Date 12th Feb 2014

On the following of HRT PJST meetings with the governmental Organizations, the Civilian Association and the Women Rights Supporters Representatives due to improvement of Signature collecting Campaign and raising of women Peace seeking’s voice which has been started since on January 21st 2014. Today is the February 12th 2014 Afghan Women Voice for Ceasefire & Peace Campaign was conducted at Shah Qazi Amanullah Hall located at Herat Administrative Complex.


The attendees on the mentioned Ceremony were, HRT Provincial Governor and the Head of Provincial Peace program, three members of HPC Delegation, Ms. Qamar Khoosti, Drs. Moazzama Naeemzai, Dr. Tariq (JS Outreach and PI Representative) and Ms. Nicole the HPC Policy Section representative and also Herat PHQ Commander with some governmental Authorities, some of HRT Provincial Council, Civilian Association members and more than 300 women.

women_peace_campaign_visit_herat2This ceremony was began with recitation of Holly Quran and then the goals of conducting of the mentioned Campaign have been briefed and after that the Afghanistan National Anthem was played and then the provincial governor (Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi) talked about the three decades war in Afghanistan which have hurt the Afghan Women and said that half of the society is women and are the most victims in Afghanistan. He also mentioned that Achievement of Permanent Peace is the Afghan Nation Wishes and to achieve this Goal the Afghan People are doing their hard efforts and today the Afghan women with support of High Peace Council have decided to raise their voice to Ceasefire and Peace jointly with the other provinces. He also asked the other women to

expand Peace Seeking voice to other women who are living in the remote areas of the district levels. Then a video clip that shown Peace and War, is played  by the HTR PJST Technical Team after that Afghan women  Message (Afghan Women Voice for Ceasefire & Peace) was is read by Ms. Qamar Khoosti ( HPC member) to the attendees. Ms. Khoosti said that the main goal of Women Voice is support for Ceasefire & Peace and signature collection all over the country to use as a means of pressure on armed groups and those groups which are fighting against the government to lay down their weapons and set to the negotiation table.

Then Ms. Mahbooba Jamshidi (Head of HRT Women Affair Department) made speeches about the women roles in  Peace  building and  National Unity during the three decades war in Afghanistan which had the most female victims and  it also  proved that women  are able to play constructive role in peace building and to solve the conflicts among the communities. She also mentioned that Peace and Security is every Afghan wishes, so Herat Provincial women are determined to bring Peace and Security and National Unity side by side of their men. She also said that presence of women in the Provincial Peace Committees is not highlighted and it’s a challenge in their way to bring Peace and National Unity.

After that Ms. Mahnaz Pirooz (HRT Youth Officer) talked about youth role in Peace and National Unity she said, that Youth want positive peace with Justice. At the end of this ceremony, the participants signed on the Banners on which the Afghan women message for cease fire and Peace had been written.

The Afghan Women Voice for Ceasefire & Peace Campaign was ended up by the HTR Head prayer.