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The Afghanistan Peace Process lead by High Peace Council gets full support of the National Unity Government

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with the executive board members of High Peace Council at Sapidar Palace on 30 Nov, 2016.
img kabul hpcsupport executivedirect qaws 9 1At the meeting Mulavi Qayamudin Kashaf, member of HPC and Chief of Afghanistan Ulema Council thanked the chief executive on behalf of HPC for supporting the peace process, He said : the recent achievements of HPC would not been possible without the support of leadership of the National Unity Government.
Afterwards, Ms. Habiba Surabi, deputy chair of HPC, presented thorough information about the newly developed strategy of HPC to the Chief Executive, she said: For achieving the goals of the strategy (Negotiations with the leadership of armed oppositions, National consensus building peace and promoting the culture of peace), we focus more on the role of Ulema, women, youth, civil society, academic circles, media and local tribal elders in order to restore long-lasting peace in to the country.
Later, Mulavi Atta ur Rahman Saleem, HPC deputy addressed the participants and talked about the most recent achievement of HPC and the necessary structural and organizational reform made at the council. img kabul hpcsupport executivedirect qaws 9 2Meanwhile, other members of HPC namely, Mr. Qazi Mohammad Amin Waqad, Mr. Abdul Hakim Mujahid and Mohammad Ismayil Qasimyar also spoke at the meeting and thanked the leadership of the National Unity Government for assisting and supporting the High Peace Council.
At the end, HE Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the National Unity government thanked the leadership, executive board and members of the High Peace Council for their tireless efforts in restoring peace and stability in the country and giving sacrifices for this purpose. He once again, besides announcing government’s full support to the HPC, said: reaching peace is one of our important priorities and the HPC has been assigned to lead the peace process and all governmental entities must support and provide necessary assistance to the High peace council.


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