The Role of Women in the Peace Process


Afghan Women’s Call for Ceasefire and Peace

Afghan women, members of the High Peace Council, representatives of Civil Society, women and youth networks and women representatives of Afghan governmental and non-governmental institutions, have initiated a country-wide campaign to call for peace and an end to violence.

This campaign will run for 30 days with the aim to widely circulate the call for peace and to collect signatures of women from all walks of Afghan life. The call for peace and ceasefire is meant to be a genuine and inclusive call for peace which is accepted and acknowledged for people on all sides of the conflict.

It is an appeal and offer to the Afghan Government, the armed opposition groups and the International Community to search for common ground as a basis for a peaceful settlement.  



An end to the fighting is the main aim of the Afghan people. Peace and reconciliation is at the top of our agenda. All those who are not affiliated with international terrorist networks and Al- Qaida can come to their homes. We will welcome them if they stop the killing of our brothers.

UstadRabaniOne of the peace messages of the late HPC chairman:

Let’s put a full stop to the carnage and, instead, choose to be on the side of peace and prosperity. Let’s help make Afghanistan free of foreign interference, and let’s write our destiny with our own hands.